Blogs I follow: Afford Anything

I have been reading some blog posts on Paula Pant’s afford anything blog. I am in love with her blog.

Paula is a real estate investor, self-employed writer/blogger, and a traveler. Real Estate has given her financial freedom and has allowed her to travel the world and work from the comfort of her hotel/camp/kitchen etc. She also has a podcast linked to her blog, which I have yet to listen but I am sure they are good. From the comments on her blog posts, I can tell that she has a lot of fans and followers who have bought into her way of thinking.
I have known Paula since I listened to her interview on Biggerpockets podcast in 2015/16. She talked about how she and her husband made their passion of traveling the world possible through real estate investing. This was when I had just discovered bigger pockets and was eagerly learning about real estate investing. I was getting inspired by each person I listened to on the podcast and Paula was one of them.
There were a couple of things that made me connect to her story better than others. She was close to my age and she had only bought few houses at the time. The other thing that caught my attention was her last name, it is a Nepali name.
To be honest, I had no clue that she could have biological connections to Nepal when I listened to the podcast. She had mentioned that she has traveled to Nepal a few times during the interview and that it was one of her favorite places to visit. But that could be anyone who had visited Nepal.
I did search her on the internet and found her blog and started reading a few articles there. This is when I thought that she might have Nepali parent(s). Well there you go, this is how I found Paula, her blog, and her Nepali connection.
I might have followed her more curiously when I found out her Nepali connection. It is easy to look up to someone who you can connect with in some way. But her blog content, her insight on real estate investment, financial freedom and her lifestyle is the main reason I have been subscribed to her.
I listened to many interviews after I had listened to Paula’s and I had forgotten about her completely. Then one day I listened to Zeona McIntyre on BP and she mentioned that she was inspired by Paula in her real estate journey.
So, I went looking for Paula Pant again and then got hooked up to her blog. She seems to be doing very well and her blog has a very good content. I have read about goal setting, her income statements and a couple of other articles so far. I will be exploring more in the coming days.
I liked her straight forward writing style, where she is very direct and clear on her message. While I was reading the blog, I also made a decision to start writing my own blog. I am inspired by her freestyle writing. I want to write when I want to write and not worry about the feedback and results. This way I will not have to compromise with my thoughts and overcome the procrastination due to fear of negative feedback.
Thanks Paula!

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