Honesty and Integrity in Partnerships

Are honesty and integrity a valuable skill in business partnerships? How do you prove that you have such skills? Does it make you gullible and get taken advantage of? Is it possible to remain honest and maintain integrity once you become comfortable with your partner and once you earn the trust?

If you ask for an advice regarding partnership in business from an expert, you will most likely get an answer saying, “you need to choose your partners wisely.” Partners can make or break your business. A good partner can take your business to new heights while a bad partner can give you nightmares. I have heard this many times from seasoned entrepreneurs. What makes a good partnership?
A common answer is “your partner should complement your skills/expertise.” Your partner should bring something to the table that you may lack or that you may not be good at.
What about trust? I think that trust is also an important factor in partnership. I am sure most entrepreneurs will agree. How important is it to be able to trust your partner in business fully? How do you build such trust? Hint: honesty and integrity.
So, is honesty and integrity a key ingredient to becoming a good partner? If you are fully committed to contributing to your partnership and would never try to take unfair advantage of your partner, will that count?
How about your business partner? Would he/she take unfair advantage of your commitment? Does that make you more vulnerable?
I think honesty and integrity count more than anything in business partnerships just like any other relationships. Any other skills can be learned but these two have to come from within.
I am looking forward to creating business partnerships. I am sure there are experienced/new entrepreneurs out there who are willing to form partnerships with an honest, hardworking and dedicated person. If that is you, let’s talk.

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