Why am I blogging?

I have been thinking about creating a blog on entrepreneurship and positive thinking for a while now. There are many of these available on the internet and it can probably do without mine. I am not yet an expert on this subject. I am also not a writer and have hardly written anything before. So what gives me the credibility to create this blog?

I would like to share a little story. I got a chance to meet my two good friends and a couple in February 2015 when I was visiting Baltimore for work. They had owned a gas station in the area and I was one of their former employees. We developed a good friendship when I worked there and the relationship was still there when I eventually left them to continue my education. They sold the gas station sometimes after I left and started investing in Real Estate.

This meeting was supposed to be a dinner to catch-up with old friends. But it turned out to be a lot more than that. I was curious about their new business and what it was about. They were equally enthusiastic about introducing real estate to me. They told me about Rich Dad Poor Dad, and their successful, less than a year old journey on real estate.

I did not know much (anything) about the topic at the time but listened curiously. They gave me a hard copied Rich Dad Poor Dad book and a CD containing audiobook of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich and How to Make Friends and Influence People. I have to say that this was a turning day in my life.

For next few days, I listened to the Rich Dad Poor Dad Podcast in my car on my way to work and back. I also read the hard copy when I came back to the hotel. This opened my eyes to a whole new world of investment and financial freedom. I will write about Rich Dad Poor Dad some other day in more detail. For now, I want to say that my life goal and priorities changed after this. I decided that financial freedom is the way to go and real estate investment is a great vehicle to achieve that.

After that, I listened to the other two audiobooks they had given me. These books introduced me to a whole new world of reading. Until this day, I had no idea that there were a plethora of books on positive thinking and motivation.

I had always been a reader. But I was never attracted to fiction. When I was in Nepal, I knew of two sources of reading. Fictional books and newspaper and magazines. Fiction did not interest me. I read newspaper and magazines from to back when I got a chance. When I came to the US, I started reading on the Internet. I started reading news articles from online newspapers. Besides that, I also read personal blogs and people’s stories. I found that I am much more interested in real (personal) stories than fiction. However, I was not really satisfied with my reading sources and was always keeping my eyes open for something new and interesting.

So when I found a whole new genre of books, blogs, and podcasts on business, real estate, positive thinking, and motivation, it was like the Holy Grail to my reading apatite. This is exactly what I needed and what I had been searching for all my life. But I had no idea that there were so many of these. I was also surprised to find out how powerful a book/story can be. A story of few pages (or few hundred pages) can change many people’s lives completely. This was a very powerful realization.

The western world has written, read and known of these books for a long time. But they are still unknown to most Nepali people. There are hardly any books written in Nepali about positive thinking. I have heard of few books written by Karna Shakya in recent years but have not heard of anything else.

So through this blog, I want to introduce my fellow Nepali citizens to the idea of positive thinking. Similarly, I want to inspire them with motivational writing as well as introduce them to entrepreneurship and investment. In this day and age, all they need is a little trigger. If I can introduce the concept and convince them that this is important, I am sure they will be able to find out more by themselves.

It is also noteworthy that it is easy to be motivated by someone who you can relate closely than from someone who you think is different or out of your league. I have felt this myself and is true for a lot of people. So even in the world of internet, my little blog will probably be of some importance and relevance. In fact, I hope to see a day where such blogs and books are available in each nook and corner in Nepal (or on the Internet). I will not worry about this blog losing its relevance after that day.

Until then, I hope to see you around.

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