Is it possible to have a school for breeding entrepreneurs from kindergarten?

Is it possible to have a school for breeding entrepreneurs from kindergarten?

This idea just popped up in my head and rather than going to bed I am starting to type on my iPad. I am a big proponent of teaching entrepreneurship to kids at an early age. In fact, I have been already planning on teaching it to my kids before I even planned on having one. I read that most entrepreneurs think the same way. They want their kids to start saving, investing and learning the power of entrepreneurship since their childhood.

But believe it or not, there are no schools that teach this skills. All these entrepreneurs are sending their kids to the same school system they dislike, albeit the better ones. All there is teaching limited to home or outside of school. A lot of these folks are capable of opening a school on their own but still have not opened one of their taste.

Kids spend most of their productive time at school unless they are homeschooled or not-schooled at all. So why not teach this knowledge right in school. After all, we think they are so valuable in life. Why just limit this teaching just to our homes? The motivation level of kids to learn something else after a tiring day at school may not be always high. Teaching these skills in school will also allow other kids, who do not have wealthy or entrepreneur parents, to have access to this education. The culture of entrepreneurship will spread even further creating more wealth and creating more jobs for the poor people.

So what is my idea? Well, why not open a school that teaches entrepreneurship at an early age. Why not start at the kindergarten and take it to 12th grade. It may be difficult to do so in the US because of regulations to open new schools and probably the requirement to maintain a certain curriculum.

But it may not be as difficult to do so in Nepal. I am sure the government will want you to maintain a certain curriculum. But they may also be willing to negotiate especially if you make this school accessible to kids who would otherwise not be in school. You may have to participate in a board exam at 10th and/or 12th grade. But by this time, kids may be able to do that anyway. We are talking about some entrepreneur kids after all.

What would you do at this school? How will you teach these kids to be entrepreneurs? You do the exact same thing you would do at home if these kids were your own. Ask them to do chores and pay them for that and teach them how to save and invest. Teach them about the importance of compound interest, teach them how to look for opportunities, teach them how to work hard and become smart. Like I said, teach them everything you would teach your kids.

You can invite local entrepreneurs to their classes and have them inspire these kids. You can include concepts of personal finance, wealth building, and positivity in their curriculum. You can introduce books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Think and Grow Rich”. You can have a library full of such books and audiobooks. Rather than limiting them to a classroom lecture, you can give them projects or have them discover their own ways of learning. There can be many techniques to teach these kids and this can be a whole new topic of discussion in itself.

But as I am writing about this, I am even more convinced that this is actually possible and can work wonders. So why not just do it? I want to make this a goal in my life. Let’s see how far I will get. If you want to take this idea and beat me to it, by all means, you are welcome.

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