As the title of my blog says I am an immigrant, born and raised in Nepal but currently living in the US. I plan to be a millionaire someday and I am tracking that journey through this blog. Millionaire is an attractive word and serves well for the title, but my real goal is to become Financially Independent and retire from my 9-5 job by 2020, when I will be 35. I am sure I will reach a million dollar mark in the process some day.

My interest in money comes from its ability to buy freedom. I feel fortunate to have received better opportunities in life compared to an average Nepali person. I also feel deep connection and responsibility to contribute to the betterment of people in Nepal. I do not want to be in a situation where I am tied to a 9-5 job throughout my working career and when I finally retire, I would have no energy to do anything else. For me, retirement is not to stop working altogether but to be financially independent, which means that I will have enough wealth/wealth for me and my family to live comfortably for rest of our lives.

I believe that freedom, family, and health are the three most important things in life. By becoming financially independent at an early age, I want to enjoy my freedom by visiting various places in Nepal and the world and using the rest of my life earning more income and contributing more towards the society. I also want to live close to my family and spend more time with them and work towards their and mine better health.

I will talk more about why I want to retire early and how I plan to use the time after retirement on blog posts.