Blogs I Read

Blogs I religiously follow:

  • Afford Anything : You can afford anything but not everything is what Paula Pant of Afford Anything blog preaches. She is all about making choices and setting up priorities. Paula blogs about travel, real estate, and frugal lifestyle. She did not make a lot of money ($20,000- $30,000) before retiring from it.
  • Mr. Money Mustache : This guy is considered the Godfather of Financial Freedom movement. Although there were many FIRE people before him, he has done well in spreading the idea in today’s world. If you want to learn about frugality, there is no better resource than MMM. Although a multi-millionaire, his family of four lives with less than $30,000 per year.
  • Mad Fientist : As the name says, this is the “scientist” for Financial Independence. He is a retired engineer who teaches you cool concepts and strategies on how to achieve FI.
  • Bigger Pockets : Everything you need to know about Real Estate. Real Estate is a great way to grow wealth. If you are new, you need not be scared. Biggerpockets will teach you that it is not that scary if you are interested.

Blogs I have started following recently: